Where does ‘space’ begin? Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin disagree on definition amid Richard Branson’s flight

(NEXSTAR) – Richard Branson became the first billionaire businessman to fly to space, at least as far as the U.S. and its definition of “space” is concerned. Branson’s successfully rocketed to an altitude of approximately 282,000 feet, or over 53 miles, on a Virgin Galactic space plane following Sunday morning’s launch from Truth or Consequences, … Read more

Passenger on Delta flight restrained after altercation with multiple people near front of plane, video shows

(NEXSTAR) – A Delta Air Lines flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta was diverted to Oklahoma City on Friday night after an unruly passenger began trying to make announcements over the plane’s loudspeaker, the airline said. Footage shared to Twitter by one of the plane’s passengers appears to show the man wrestling with several other … Read more