Highest-rated Italian restaurants in Albany, according to Tripadvisor

ALBANY, N.Y. (STACKER) — The development of Italian cuisine mirrors the country’s rich political and geographic diversity. Mediterranean influences bring fish and olives into culinary creations, carefully handcrafted ziti, cavatelli, and other types of pasta hail from southern Italy, and exquisite desserts such as tiramisu find origins in the north—combining for a tasty eating experience renowned … Read more

Highest-rated steakhouses in Albany, according to Tripadvisor

ALBANY, N.Y. (STACKER) — Tenderloin, strip, rib eye, porterhouse—the words alone of the choicest cuts of cow, aged to tenderized perfection and served under bordelaise, béarnaise, or au poivre, are enough to get a meat lover salivating and making their next reservation for a night at a steakhouse. Dry-aged for weeks or months and carefully … Read more