‘Priceless moment’: Kids go wild after teacher sinks ‘Hail Mary’ basket from across schoolyard, video shows

(NEXSTAR) – A group of third-grade students at Holy Trinity School in Washington, D.C., were treated to hot chocolate after their teacher, former Rutgers University basketball player Kathleen Fitzpatrick, managed to sink a basket from the opposite end of the schoolyard. And the crowd goes wild! Capital City Rescue Mission serves annual Christmas dinner “Ms. … Read more

Why vaccine doses differ for babies, kids, teens and adults – an immunologist explains how your immune system changes as you mature

(The Conversation) – Human beings are born pretty helpless, with a lot of developing to do. And just as you must learn such skills as how to walk, so must your immune system learn to defend against infections. As time passes, your immune system matures through different stages, much the way you advanced from crawling … Read more

New York’s favorite Halloween stuff

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — It’s Halloween! Check out the favorites across the state and across the country. ‘Tis the season! Halloween costumes All Home Connections say they found the most popular costume in each state, sifting through hundreds of costumes to find which ones are searched for the most. In 2020, the top costume for … Read more