Serial killer implicated in Pennsylvania cold cases admits to 4 more murders

BEAVER TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) — An admitted serial killer serving the rest of his life in a Florida prison admitted recently to murdering four more people in Western Pennsylvania.

Word of Edward Surratt’s latest confessions brought back a flood of memories for Beaver Township Police Chief Carl Frost. Surratt was also implicated in 2008 for four murders in the township.

Edward Surratt, confessed to 4 cold case murders in Pennsylvania.

“I think he was like a machine,” Frost said.

Recently, 79-year-old Surratt confessed to four previously unsolved murders in Western Pennsylvania, but it’s what he admitted to doing in late 1977 that had Frost looking through old records.

In 2008, Surratt told investigators he killed David and Linda Hamilton as their children slept inside their home on South Avenue Extension. At the time, police recovered Linda’s car and a bare footprint nearby, but her body was never found.

“If there were kids in the house, he’d shoot the man right away, take the woman out of the house, never talked to the kids, never touched the kids, nothing,” Frost said.

In that same 2008 interview, Surratt also confessed to murdering John and Mary Davis inside their home. Both victims were shot, the woman was raped and then fire was set to the home to mutilate the victims and destroy any evidence.

The Davis’s home stood along Sharrot Road, near what is now Elser Airport. Frost says Surratt would case his victim’s homes, driving by in a pickup he had at the time or riding up on a bicycle that he had stolen.

Surratt is currently serving two life sentences in Florida and also faces time in South Carolina for a murder conviction there. At this point, there are no plans to bring him back to Ohio, but other agencies have unsolved murders of their own to solve.

“There are several more that he can confess to that he hasn’t talked about that I know if,” Frost said.

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