Pittsfield 8-year-old boy creates business to send kids to camp

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) – Troy Maloy, eight years old, created his own logo and online store to raise money for local kids to go to Camp Russell in Richmond this summer. Thanks to support from his friends, family and community, he quickly exceeded his goal.

After his mom, Erin, challenged him to give back to his community, Troy came up with the ‘Big Dubbs’ logo. Inspired by his favorite book and a friend, he decided to create merchandise with the logo and use the proceeds to send children to Camp Russell in Richmond.

“I wanted to donate it because like I’ve been really fortunate to go to camp cause it is expensive and my mom was a lifeguard there and I’ve just been there since I was like two,” said Troy.

Sales quickly took off and he raised more than $3,000, helping him to send at least 15 children to camp.

The tween’s good deed even garnering the attention of Pittsfield Mayor Linda Tyer, who invited Troy to City Hall to thank him in person.

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