Newsfeed Now: States & businesses rethink masks rules after CDC update; School bus driver honored after hijacking

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(NEXSTAR)-The CDC announced Thursday that it is safe for fully vaccinated Americans to take their masks off in most indoor settings. Under the new guidelines, states and businesses can decide their own rules.

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As U.S. colleges and universities hope to return to normal, they’re weighing how far they’re willing to go to keep campus safe — to require or not to require students, faculty, and staff to get a COVID-19 vaccine to return to campus; that is the question. And for hundreds of colleges across the country, they’re deciding that their answer is yes.

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Men are ditching college at higher rates than they were before the pandemic nationwide and in North Carolina.

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About two dozen politicians are now putting pressure on the U.S. Attorney General and the Department of Justice on behalf of families who lost someone on 9/11.

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A school district in South Carolina honored a bus driver who was transporting students to an elementary school when the bus was hijacked.

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