Mystery in the Mountains: How NYSP use fingerprints to gather clues

NEW YORK STATE (WFFF) — Mystery in the Mountains usually looks at unsolved homicides and missing person cases, but what kind of tools do police use when investigating these cases?

Senior Investigator Brendan Frost, of the New York State Police Troop D Forensic Identification Unit, showed a few different ways to collect and process fingerprints from a crime scene.

“There are fingerprint processes whereby the fingerprints will fluoresce and that’s what we do in this dark room,” Frost said. “We use different colors of viewing goggles with different light sources and the fingerprints will fluoresce different colors based on the chemical or powder that we used.”

Fingerprints left behind at crime scenes can be key to investigators cracking the case. That’s why what they find is securely stored in the evidence locker for further testing and information.

If you are interested in learning more about forensics with New York State Police check out their website.

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