Massachusetts license fees increased for hunting, fishing, and trapping

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) — For the first time in 26 years, the fees for hunting, freshwater fishing, and trapping licenses will be increased in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Over the next five years, the fees will gradually be increased. The approved fee changes will help MassWildlife bring in money to sustain inland fish and game funds for another decade, as well as support programs and services provided by the department.

MassWildlife collected feedback from state hunters, anglers, and trappers and received positive support of an increase in fees over the next few years. Beginning in 2022, fees will begin to rise until 2026. Permit and stamp fees will also be increased over the next five years.

Currently, an average resident fishing or hunting license costs $22.50. In 2022, it will increase to $26, and by 2026, it will increase to $40. Resident trapping licenses will increase from $30.50 to $40 by 2026. In addition, most resident permits and stamps will be increased from $5 or $5.10 to $10.

Final approval of the fees is expected this month and will take effect in January.

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