Man hospitalized after caught-on-camera crash into Pennsylvania gas pump ignites blaze

COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — One man was flown to the hospital late Wednesday morning after he crashed into a gas pump at a fuel station in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania.

Coolbaugh Township fire officials said the driver crossed the median on Route 940 and smashed into a gas pump at C&C Performance Centers causing the car, as well as the gas pump, to catch fire.

Footage from the service station’s cameras shows the pump and front end of the pickup engulfed in flames with black smoke filling the air.

A bystander allegedly pulled the driver from the car. The driver was flown to the hospital for his injuries.

Images from Nexstar’s WBRE/WYOU-TV showed the burned-husk of the pickup truck and damage to the gas pump:

The fire was extinguished and transportation officials reopened Route 940 East and 940 West, but the gas station and attached pizzeria & deli will be closed at least the remainder of the day.

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