Congregate meal sites for seniors begin reopening in Albany County

ALBANY COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A congregate meal site for seniors reopened in Watervliet on Monday. To start, it is open at 75% capacity.

The congregate meal site at 1501 Broadway in Watervliet reopened Monday for a pilot program.

Deb Riitano, Commissioner of the county’s Department for Aging said seniors have suffered a lot from isolation during the pandemic, and reopening these congregate meal sites is an important step in reintroducing them to more socialization.

“We all looked forward to being able to get back together, and today is an example of that,” said Riitano, “so we’re keeping good thoughts and hoping that it’s all going to go well, and the seniors will show up today.”

A staggered schedule will be used to reopen a total of 17 congregate meal sites throughout the county.

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